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Something Fishy is Happening in Stoke Newington…

I love a quirky London story. I mean, this town is full of life’s characters – it’s part of it’s charm. There’s something unusual happening behind so many doorways on even the quietest streets – you just need to know where to look.

Let’s start in N16 – Stoke Newington, where a six-foot something Norwegian, wearing a Cravat and Wellington Boots, is playing jazz piano to his salmon.

Ole Hansen-Lydersen. Smoked Salmon in Stoke Newington

Meet Ole Hansen-Lydersen, a third generation Salmon Smoker, who has set up an artisanal smoking chamber in the shadows of Clissold Park. And it’s going rather well, with 3,300 salmon sides smoked in December alone to keep up with

Ole uses a replica of his Grandfathers original design to achieve the perfect smoke. He salt cures every fish by hand using traditional methods, then moves them to the smoking chamber, where fans “create an energy which changes the characteristics of the taste.”all the Christmas orders.

The result is, by all accounts, pretty special, with restaurant Chefs and Food Critics being amongst Hansen-Lydersen’s best customers. Each side of salmon being made to order and delivered fresh from the kiln, direct to your door throughout the UK.

If you’d like to find out more, visit the website. To order, click here.

(Photos taken by Alun Callender and originally found at, where you can also find a longer article about Ole Hansen-Lydersen. )

If you know of someone in London doing something fantastic, unusual or interesting, please let us know!

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