Pervpost: The Law of Attraction…

Welcome to our first #pervpost of 2013!

The list of requests for these little treasures is growing, with Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender coming up soon. But I decided the first to be honoured in this glorious new year would be no other than the gorgeous Jude Law.

I’m quite sure that you all watched The Holiday at least once over Christmas…and if not, shame on you! It certainly reminded Helena just how much Jude tickles her tastebuds. So…without further ado…here for your viewing pleasure, is David Jude Heyworth Law.

Delicious, huh?!

You can hear (but not see, sorry) Jude in Rise of the Guardians at cinemas right now. It’s a cute Dreamworks animation, in which the guardians come together to save all children’s hopes, dreams and imagination after the evil Pitch (Law) tries to take over the world.

If you don’t fancy that, don’t worry. Jude has four films in post production at the moment; Dom Hemingway, Side Effects, Queen of the Desert and The Grand Budapest Hotel. So plenty of saucy Judeness coming your way in 2013!


*Of course, we didn’t take any of these photos so don’t own the copyright. They’re pretty though, right?!



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